What is a Healthy Slimming Diet?

Supplements are becoming more and more popular when it comes to getting slimmer, and I can’t really blame people for using them – anything that can make your life a little bit easier should really be welcome. The better results you get the faster the more motivated you are going to be in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although it is a good thing to keep in mind that a healthy slimming diet doesn’t only consist of supplements but you also really need to pay attention in what you are eating.


First of all you need to know some basics. People in the world have not evolved too much in the past ten thousand years, although in the past few hundred years our diets have changed quite a lot and this has caused the racing epidemic in obesity. Before the society became industrialized, people were growing their own foods, eating what they could find. Some scientists claim that the change of our diets is the reason for the rise in the average expected lifespan, but the advancements that have been made in western medicine are to blame for this!

Our diets have been taking us to the grave for as long as foods have been processed. The more processed and filled with chemicals our food is the more unhealthy it is for us. Also since everything is grown very efficiently, the vegetables and fruits lack the important nutrients that are required to keep our body healthy. That is why it is a great idea to use a strong multivitamin and a multimineral supplement at all times, but also eat some supplements like resveratrol that contain a lot of antioxidants and flavonoids to help, and also vitamin D supplements. A very reliable manufacturer these products is Now Foods that makes their supplements at a GMP (good manufacturing practices) facility that is able to produce pharmacy grade supplememts. The best place to get these products is iHerb.com and when you use the coupon code  of supplements. I really suggest you do because they have the best health supplements in the planet.

Since our foods are filled with pesticides we also need to do a detox every now and then and there are liver cleansing supplements for that also. This is not though the biggest problem, but the increased intake of processed carbohydrates and grains has lead our people to increased insulin resistance and problems with the cardiovascular system. A healthy slimming diet thus lacks processed carbohydrates and grain in total, and is mainly composed of vegetables, fruits and meat products – human has always been a carnivore. So here are my five tips for you to go on a slimming diet plan that works.


  • 1. Stop eating any carbohydrates for now – vegetables are cool, fruits not. Eat a lot of vegetables.
  • 2. Include fish oil in your diet. It helps, really!
  • 3. Remember to eat a meat based protein source on every meal – five times a day!


If this doesn’t get you started I also suggest that you try the slimweight patch since it has been proben to really make achieving your goals easier! Honestly, there are all kinds of supposedly healthy diets for slimming that are supposed to get you where you want but they are all difficult and need a lot of planning. In the end they don’t rely on making your food as healhty as possible, but instead they try to get you slim in 2 days which is completely impossible. Just stick with a diet that works, and you will be in the best shape of your life, all the time!

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