Basswood Blinds For Your Home

Many of us are decorating our home and every now and then it is time to change those window treatments as well. You might want to change the blinds also and that is where different types of window blindscomes to the picture. I have been dealing with so many different window shades in the past that I know what to choose for my home but it is not that simple for all of us – sometimes it takes a little time and research to really find what you need. Most of us don’t even consider basswood blinds for our home before they actually find out why they are so good.

So I am going to start a little bit about the material, and I will describe to you why basswood is such a good wood to be used for your blinds. I mean that you should also consider other options but sometimes this is just the best that you can get. One thing that I can tell to you is that you shouldn’t really stress about the fact that you are finding it hard to choose, since there are so many options. What I would consider first is where to find cheap basswood blinds and then try to find out the model that suits my needs.

You can find all information about basswood all over the internet, but to make it simple I am going to go with a recap of the wikipedia article here, since that is where you will find a good amount of useless information – you don’t want to take that too seriously :)

It is actually not officially known as basswood since the real name is Tilia, but it is commonly know as basswood in most of the world – the same thing goes with a lot of things as some people call window blinds, window shades and the other way around. They are basically the same thing but just people just want to call them the other way. Doesn’t really confuse anyone since most of the people know that but if you are going to call basswood blinds, tilia blinds, you will get a lot of people messed up.

You have probably seen a lot of basswood around your home, or in the park near you – some of us have it in our gardens. It is a very large tree that can grow up to 40 meters – that is 50 yards if you don’t know what I am talking about. Usually the height is 20-40 meters and it is a big round tree. In your childhood you probably remember them as trees that you liked to climb in to.

This doesn’t really make too much sense as why it is a good tree to be used for blinds, but I will get to that in a moment. If you don’t know where to find basswood blinds then here goes. They go really well for your home in any possible room – you can put them in the kitchen, livingroom, even on your front door. The fact that it is a large tree makes the fiber of the tree really big also, and that makes it look less like the traditional wooden blinds that you have. Normally you can really see the fiber of the tree in the blinds, but when the trees are this large it is less visible. Because of that it looks soft and as a result it can bring a really soft feeling in your home.

Another place where you can see basswood used really frequently are shutters, as basswood shutters are probably the most popular types of shutters there are. It is a low maintenance wood that can easily be treated so that it looks just like you want, and can handle the rough weather.

Since the wood is soft, basswood makes a great material to be used in blinds – it is easily molded and worked, and that makes the construction nice. You can make anything you want out of it – the blades of your basswood blinds are durable. Because the material is soft, it is not going to dry out and start chipping so easily, and if you manage to hit it with something it will most likely just get a small dent in it. It is not going to chip so easily, and that is why it is very durable.

If you are thinking about technicalities like how to install basswood blinds and other simple stuff, then don’t worry. There is nothing different in these types of blinds than any others, so you can just find a good tutorial on how to install them and you are good to go!

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